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Fuji Captiva ST - Women's
Fuji Cross 1.3
Fuji Cape May
Fuji Captiva ST - Women's - 2016

Enjoy your favorite roads, stay fit and have fun on Fuji's Captiva ST.… [more]

Fuji Cross 1.3 - 2016

Fear no weather this winter and fly past the competition on the race… [more]

Fuji Cape May - 2016

Fuji's Cape May is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy some fun.… [more]

Fuji Crosstown 2.1
Fuji Addy 27.5 1.1 - Women's
Fuji Beartooth 27.5+ 1.1
Fuji Crosstown 2.1 - 2016

Commute to work, pedal to the store, spin around town, and have a blast… [more]

Fuji Addy 27.5 1.1 - Women's - 2016

The Fuji Addy 27.5 1.1 is a versatile machine that is as comfortable on… [more]

Fuji Beartooth 27.5+ 1.1 - 2016

The Fuji Beartooth 27.5+ 1.1 is ready to shred the trails with incredible… [more]

Fuji has awesome bicycles for every ride and rider!

Founded in 1899, Fuji is today one of the most revered bicycle companies in the world. It's thanks to their never-ending drive to create the finest bicycles, and theirs is a history of innovation, ingenuity and success.

They were one of the first bicycle companies to utilize double-butted chrome molybdenum—and later titanium, in frames. They were among the first to equip their road bicycles with the then-new and now-famous Shimano Dura-Ace components. And they have always promoted and supported racing from establishing the first national Japanese stage race, the Tour de Japan in the 1930's, to sponsoring champion triathletes, mountain bikers From speedsters to city bikes, Fuji has your ideal bicycle!and roadies today.

What this means to you is a wide selection of some of the most cutting-edge bicycles going. Their best-selling Crosstowns with their super-comfortable upright riding positions and easy-to-use controls might be your ideal ride. Or maybe you'll choose their trail-taming Reveal series mountain bikes boasting 130mm of travel and an award-winning suspension design.
Or, perhaps fixies are your thing. Fuji's big on fixies and track bikes with plenty to choose from. Likewise, their stable includes an ample supply of road thoroughbreds if you're into zippy handling, effortless climbing and competition. With production models built of featherweight carbon weighing a scant 15 pounds and a new women's-specific carbon series, you'll be amazed how much more fun cycling can be.

And, don't forget Fuji's full line of kid's bikes, cruisers, tri bikes and mountain machines of all types. Wherever and however you ride, they've got a bike you'll love. Swing by today to pick out your favorite Fuji from our fantastic selection!